Scientific research expedition

Amazing journey in the heart of prehistorical civilization of the New World
On Mexico territory and in Mexican museums there are numerous still-standing artefacts that do not fit the officialversion of history.

ATURS TRAVEL, Laboratory of Alternative History (LAH) and research and development center of hypercomplex systems in Geometry and Physics (R&D HSGP) are going to a regular thematic expedition at the places of a famous Andrey Sklyarov's film "Unknown Mexico".

Mexico City - Teotihuacan - Acambaro - Puebla - Cholula - Oaxaca - Monte-Alban - Mitla - Acayucan - La Venta - Palenque - Uxmal - Merida - Chichen Itza - Cenote Ik Kil - Cancun - Shkaret - Mexico City
Mexico City Astor 4* (Mexico City)
Posada Virrey 3* (Acambaro)
Hotel Residencial 4* (Merida)
Beachscape Kin Ha 4* (Cancun)
12 days and 11 nights of an amasing travel along the most mysterious and interesting places of Mexico
Toyota Hiace or Sprinter with air condition
2020, March, 23 - April, 3
Double occupancy - $3150
Single occupancy - $3615
The trip is directed by famous researchers of ancient civilizations, members of LAH team: director and author of documentary project "The Origins of Eternity", Ondrash Sabo and Doctor of Science Dmitry Pavlov.
Traveler, researcher of ancient civilizations, film director
Ondrash is the author and director of multipart film "Riverhead of Eternity". The first part of the film "Architecture of Ancient Egypt" is already available (on LAH channel in YouTube)

Ondrash lived in Egypt a few years in order to learn this culture more and have a possibility to visit the most mysterious ancient objects.

As a result of this long trip there was made film series "The World of Ancient Gods".

PhD in Technical Sciences, Director of research and development center of hypercomplex systems in Geometry and Physics, host of conferences and LAH seminars in Russia and Egypt
Dmitry is a sponsor and participator of the filrst films "Mysteries of Ancient Egypt" and "Unknown Mexico". Dmitry is also a conventor of international conferences and seminars "In Search of Traces of Industrial Civilization" and "Pyramids and Time". Dmitry is the author of numerous of articles about hypercomplex numbers and Finsler geometry. He is a co-author of scientific film "Universe Geometry: variour viewpoins", "Anisotropic World" and "Multidimensional Time".
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Схема маршрута, Загадки Древнего Египта,
Busy Agenda
Remarkably vast reach of all the most famous objects of Mexico won't let you get bored even for a minute
Unique Atmosphere
It's hard to imagine better assistants when you explore Ancient Mexicothan famous LAH travellers and researcher
Схема маршрута, Загадки Древнего Египта,
Day 1 / Mexico City
Arrival to Mexico City and transfer to the hotel
Transfer is scheduled for the regular group. If you arrive at a different time, please order an individual transfer or you can reach the hotel on your own
Acquaintance with other participants, short announcement of the upcoming travel, rest after a long flight
Those who wish can watch Andrey Sklyarov's film "Unknown Mexico"
Night at hotel

Day 2 / Mexico City
Breakfast in the hotel
Excursion (9-00 a:m)
Introductory tour in Mexico City, that was built by Spaniards on the ruins of Aztec capital - Tenochtitlan
Visit of the central square Socalo, Cathedral, Presidential palace with Diego Rivera's fresco paintings, that show the history of Mexico, and then visit the ruins of the main Aztec pyramid Templo Mayor
Anthropoligical Museum
There is a number of artifacts that can be interpreted as a heritage of an ancient highly developed civilization that preceded Indians. These are such artefacts as: precisely tooled "bobbin" of obsidian and rock crystal; monkey shaped cups that are perfectly shaped and a greenstone tube in form if a curled up snake, "twist drill" and many others
As a bonus to the program you can also visit a private collection of disputable artefacts that uggest possible paleocontact in ancient Mexico
Evening: a report about the sights of Teotihuacan
Night in the hotel

Day 3 /Mexico City - Teotihuacan - Acambaro
Breakfast in the hotel
Early check out (8:00 a:m)
Travel time 1 hour (50km)
Visit of Teotihuacan (opening hours 09:00-17:00)
Teotihuacan is one of the most magnificent monuments of the ancient civilizations of the world. Pyramid complex, "City of Gods" is one of the most amazing complexes and includes the legendary the Moon and Sun Pyramids, where you can climb up if you want. There written thousands of books and articles, made hundreds of videos about Teotihuacan, that is why it is so interesting to to see it on your own and decide if it really could be built in 3-6th century a.d.with the help of primitive instruments. There is a supposal that ancient habitats of Teotihuacan had knowledge about cosmic energy, that is now lost, and the buildings' precise orientation to the Sun, Moin and stars has a deep sense.
Other sights of Teotihuacan are the Pyramid of Quetzalcyatl, Micaceous Temple and traces of the ancient flood
(Visit duration about 5 hours +1 hour for lunch)
Set-off to Acambaro (16:00)
Travel time 3 hours 30 min (280 km)
On the way to Acambaro there will be a report about Acambaro dinosaur figurines of Waldemar Julsrud collection
Check in to Acambaro hotel
Night in the hotel
Day 4 / Acambaro - Puebla
Breakfast in the hotel
Check out (09:00 a:m)
Visit of Waldemar Julsrud Museum
The museum has a very curious collection, that includes the figurines of prehistoric pangolins. This collection is denied and even ignored by the official science under various pretexts. That is why the museum is not widely famous, although it was open in 2000 and the story of the figurines goes more than half a century back.
The collection of the ceramic figures of the dinosaurs breaks the official idea about time of human beings appearance and these animals extinct.
Once Andrey Slkyarov's shooting team (2007) managed to get an approval for improvised excavations, where Julsrud used to find his figures. Maybe we will be lucky to get an approval either. It would be great to find new figures for Acambaro Museum!

Visit of Chupicuaro Culture Museum
Going up the sacred hill El Toro
(Duration 09:00-16:00, lunch 1 hour)
Set-off to Puebla (16:00)
Travel time 4 hours (370 km)
On the way to the city there will be a report about the pyramid in Cholula
Check in the hotel in Puebla
Night in the hotel

Day 5 / Puebla - Cholula - Oaxaca
Breakfast in the hotel
Check out (09:00)
Visit of Purbla and Cholula with one of the most interesting pyramids in Mexico
Cholula pyramid is considered to be one if the biggest pyramids in Mexico of toltec times (its volume is more than the one of The Great Pyramid in Egypt) and it is also known as Tlachiualtepetl (from Nahuatl - "manmade montain". It's runbis 400m, height 77m. There is a church of St.Elena in its top. The history of this pyramid is full of mysteries. Archeologies reconstructed one of its sides and cleared or digged 8 lm of tunnels inside of it. We will be able to get inside the tunnels and go through the pyramid to be sure that the version of its ultra ancient origin is more realistic. Among the artefacts found by archeologists of Cholula there are colored fresco paintings 50 m high showing human figures in actual size. Cholula was an important political and ceremonial center of Mesoamerica and the classical period and it was like a mirrow reflection of Teotihuacan in its best times
(Duration of visit: 09:00-16:00, lunch 1 hour)
Set off to Oaxaca
Travel time : 4 hours (340km)
On the way there will be a report about archeological center of Monte Alban
Check in the hotel of Oaxaca
Night in the hotel

Day 6 / Oaxaca - Monte Alban - Mitla - Acayucan
Breakfast in the hotel
Check out (08:00 a:m)
Visit of archeological center of Monte Alban (opening hours: 08:00-17:00)
Monte Alban is one of the first cities of Mesoamerica and played an important role for about a thousand of years as a social political and economic center of the civilization.
The center is situated on top of an artificially evened hill at height of 1940 meters above sea level (400 meters high from the valley bottom)

Set off to Mitla
Travel time 50 min (40km)
Visit of Mitla monyments and Column Palace
(Opening hours: 08:00-17:00)
The fist people appeared on the territory of Mirla and Yagul city nearby it more than 5000 years ago. The fist settlement in Mitla was founded by Zapotec from Monte Alban city in the beginning of the 1st thousand a.d. By and by Mitla turned into an important religious center of the Zapotec. Column Palace was named because of the solid columns in the main hall, which was the residency of Mitla regents or a central administative building.
Bonus: the biggest tree in Tula
The age of the tree is unknown and according to various estimations makes from 1200 up to 3000 years, one of the hypothesis says it is 6000 years of age
(Visit duration: 09:00-15:00, lunch: 1 hour)
Set off to Acayucan (15:00)
Travel time: 7 hours (435km)
Late check in and night in the hotel

Day 7 / Acayucan - La Venta - Palenque
Breakfast in the hotel
Check out (09:00 a:m)
Travel time : 2 hours 50 min (226km)
Visit of La Venta park museum
La Venta is the famous open air museum where all the outstanding artefacts of Olmec culture were collected. This complex includes a few pyramids (up to 35 meters high), many earthen berms, hieratic platforms pacen with valuable stone species, charnel houses, hieratic crypts, altars, stelas and so on. Most interesting are 5 giant stone heads (10-13 tons each). There was also found a lot of small greenstone, jade, clay pieces of plastic art
(Duration of visit: 09:00-15:00, lunch: 1 hour)
Set off to Palenque
Travel time: 2 hours (145km)
On the way there will be a report about Palenque sights
Check in and night in the hotel

Day 8 / Palenque - Uxmal
Breakfast in the hotel
Check out (09:00 a:m)
Visit of Palenque archeological zone
Palenque is a working title of a big Maya city on North-East of Mexican state Chiapas which was a political and cultural center of Maya in III-VIII centuries. It was the capital of BAAK-la. "Home of Stone Snake" that's how the Indians called their city. It is one of the most magnificent cities of Maya. A visitor will see snow-white lacy rooftrees of the temples on the frustum of pyramids against the green of the jungle: greatness and harmony that is typical for all Maya constructions. Here are preserved a lot of evidences of the prehistoric highly developed civilization. This is what the members of LAH are looking for. These are the evidences: megalithis blocks in the Palace foundation, the lid of the coffinette with an image of a astronaut, blocks of a different carving level in the patio and many others...
(Duration of visit: 09:00-15:00, lunch: 1 hour)
Set off to Uxmal
Travel time: 7 hours (530 km)
Late check in and night in the hotel

Day 9 / Uxmal - Merida
Breakfast in the hotel
Check out (08:00 a:m) and set off to the excursion
Visit of Uxmal, Kabah and archeological zones of Labna and Seil
The word "Uxmal" (pronounced like Osh-mal) means "built 3 times" or "what is coming, the future". The legend says that the first tsar of the city was defeated by a wizard dwarf, Itzamna, who built the highest building in Uxmal inone night. Now it is known as Wizard Pyramid. There is no an exact date of the city foundation, but archeologist data witness that it was built in VI century. Nevertheless Uxmal received the city status only in year 850. Some say that the life in the city was at full swing in IX-X and even XIII-XIV centuries. Uxmal survived wreckage in 900 year a.c. like the other cities of Maya
(Duration of visit: 08-00-17:00, lunch: 1 hour)
Set off to Merida
Travel time: 1 hour 50 min. (135 km)
Check in for a night in Merida's hotel

Day 10 / Merida - Chichen Itza - Ik Kil - Cancun
Breakfast in the hotel
Check out (08:00 a:m) and set off to the excursion
Travel time: 1 hour 30 min (118 km)
Visit of Chichen Itza
Chichen Itza is the sacred city of Maya Empire. A mysterious city of the ancient Maya, that is enrolled to the list of the 7 wonders of the world. The most popular is Kukulkan Pyramid, from the top of it on the the spring bloom the Plumed Serpent comes down; the Chac Mool Temple with mind blowing Maya frescas; Sacred Cenote which is a place of human rutual sacrefies; the "House of a Thousand Columns" and others You will see all these sights and even more. When people say about Mexican pyramids or ancient Maya cities people usually imagine the objects of Chichen Itza. In comparison of the pyramid of Egypt here in Mexico you can study all the pyramids personally in details. Try to check yourself if it was possible for people of the 7th century to build these magnificent buildings?
Visit of Cenote in Ik Kil
Cenote in Ik Kil is situated only 5 km from Chichen Itza. It is unique and beautiful by the fact that the upper part of it fallen many years ago. now it looks like a giant well in a rock surrounded by the tropical green. The reflection of the sky in the water (diametre 61meters) makes the color of the water a special turquoise blue color. This unique place is famous not only with drivers but with those who like to bathe in the karst lake. The natural beauty of the Il Kil Cenote bewitch you and its mysteris and ancient history attract and frighten at the same time!
(Tour duration: 09:00-17:00, lunch 1 hour)
Set off to Cancun
Travel time: 2 hrs 20 min (197 km)
Check in the hotel of Cancun

Day 11 / Cancun
Breakfast in the hotel
Well-deserved rest on the seaside after a long journey. Everyone will have the time to think about the things they saw and heard during the trip.
Round Table, exchange of opinions of the Mexican trip and a art photography contest
Xcaret park visit
Travel time: 1 hour 30 min (80 km)
Xcaret park is a natural reservation with bright birds, rare butterflies and exotic animals. Underearth tunnels, coral reef, tropical bushes, rare plans, esthetic ruins of the ancient times and modern decortions - all this will steal your heartr!
The park opens at 16:00
Excursion along the underearth rivers (you will be given a safe bag for your things), open till 17:30
- Show Xcaret México Espectacular
- Access to the beach and natural pools
- Visit of aquarium with the coral reef (open till 18:45), butterfly pavilion (till 18:30)
- "Children's Paradise" a place for fun for the most little children
- Horse exhibition, fly people of Ppapantla and prehispanic dances
- Tropical path in jungles
- Hammock-chairs, hammocks and recreation zones
- Rest rooms, check-rooms, showers
- Other service (Wi-Fi, ATM, shops)
Return to Cancun
Night in the hotel

Day 12 / Cancun - Mexico City
Breakfast in the hotel
Tranfer to the airport
Flight from Cancun to Mexico City*
Flight home
*it is possible to arrange flight from Cancun to your final destination airport directly

The cost of the trip for double occupancy is $3150 and is paid during check in in the hotel of Mexico City
Price $3150 include:
  • LAH and ATURS representatives will accompany you during the whole trip
  • Accommodation in the hotels (breakfast included) according to the program
  • All the transfers according to the program (Toyota Hiace or Sprinter with air condition)
  • All excursions according to the program
  • Tickets to the paid entries according to the program
  • Inland airway tickets
Possible additional expenses:
  • International flights
  • Medical insurance
  • Additional charge for single room
  • Lunches and dinners (Mexican cuisine is so great and various that we do not dare and do not want to restrict you with a standard menu)
  • Personal expenses (phone calls, alcohols etc)
Procedure and payment
  • Fill in the application form
  • Book a place in the group by advance payment 300$
  • After our confirmation you book airline tickets and buy medical insurance
  • Remaining amount is paid in US Dollars during the check-in the hotel on the first day of the trip
What should you take with you
  • Closed footwear, beach shoes, head cover from the sun, sun glasses, bathing suit, wind jacket
  • Passport/id and its copy, money (cash and credit card), medical insurance, phone, camera, flashlight
  • Drugs, Biodegradable sunscreen, burn cream, personal-care products
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