expedition to Mauritania to the Richat structure

Eye of the Sahara
November 14-22, 2023

Sergey Deshevoy
LAH researcher

November 30, 2023
The Laboratory of Alternative History expedition to Mauritania to the Richat structure was successfully completed. The whole group returned home safely. Let it be without sensation, but we have undoubtedly found Atlantis city. Although it turned out to be not quite the one that imagination and dreams drew.

The number of geographical coincidences between the legendary Atlantis city and the Richat structure is huge. Perhaps, even too much to be considered just coincidences. After the trip, there is no doubt that the Eye of the Sahara was once a blooming land in the past, which is converted to almost lifeless desert. Almost - because the Sahara was also not the same that the imagination draws.
The picture of the island of Atlantis described by Plato is almost similar with what can be seen in the Eye of the Sahara now if you fill it with water. We found a huge number of traces of rivers and once fertile slopes. What I can say definitely , rivers and streams sometimes flow through the structure of Richat even today during the period of heavy rains. At the same time, the size of the southern part of the depression of the outer ring, if filled with water, quite resembles the inner sea. Especially for the casual traveler eye.
The Adrar plateau approaching from the north is a real mountain range, and the lowest parts of the ring depressions contain millions of tons of silt, which were a fertile soil demolished here. In the very center of the structure, we also found several places with increased radiation rate, which could well prove the existence of warm sources of fresh water, also described by Plato. In a word, if the Richat structure had survived to our days in its original picturesque splendor, there is no doubt that it would have been a real nature reserve.
We did not find only one thing - traces of a developed civilization. In general, there are no traces of a developed, in our understanding, society. Yes, we found stone arrowheads and darts, there are fish hooks, stone hammers and choppers. There are even very high-quality polished stone balls of incomprehensible purpose and even more mysterious stone disks, especially strongly captivating by the fact that even museum keepers do not know how they were made and what they were used for. We have seen the discs more than once. And yet this is not enough. There are no traces of buildings, walls, statues, roads - nothing that would indicate the remains of a full-fledged city.
All this most likely indicates that the city-state described by Plato never existed. He simply combined reality and his dreams of an ideal society in all respects. Or the scale of the catastrophe he mentioned was such that we cannot even imagine the consequences of such a destructive cataclysm. However, the presence of a huge underwater landslide behind the oceanic shelf of Mauritania may witness in favor of this assumption, and the search for artifacts should not be stopped.
We are used to separate the world into "black" and "white", "yes" and "no", "truth" and "fiction", forgetting that the convenience of perception does not always reflect objective reality. All myths must have a grain of truth. Guided by his goals and retelling the legend of Atlantis, Plato probably added a lot of fiction to it. And yet the impression that the structure of Richat is the geographical prototype of Atlantis, perhaps, came together with all the participants of the expedition.
In the end, it doesn't matter whether the main conclusion of our expedition turns out to be true or the similarity of the Eye of the Sahara with the legendary island is still a series of coincidences. One way or another, Atlantis will remain the dream it is being for millennia. People will always look for their own Atlantis, as long as the spirit of romanticism and the desire to open new horizons live in them. And in this sense, I wish humanity to never find Atlantis, but invariably continue to search for it again and again. ..
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