"The Hidden Past of Egypt"

A fascinating journey along the river of time to the origins of prehistoric civilization
The main purpose of the thematic travel is the widest possible acquaintance with the real Egypt and studying of the objects and artifacts testifying to absolutely other history of one of the most ancient civilizations than it is considered today to be.
Cairo - Aswan - Kom Ombo - Edfu - Karnak - Luxor - Abidos -Dendera - Cairo
Cataract Pyramids Resort 4* (Cairo)
Iberotel 4* (Luxor)
11 days and 10 nights of bright travel in Lower and Upper Egypt
4-deck Deluxe 5* cruise ship
March 21 - March 31, 2019
For double occupancy - $1550
For single occupancy - $1800
The journey will take place under the guidance of renowned experts on the history of Ancient Egypt, participants in the team Laboratory of Alternative History (LAH) of Andrian Sabo and Dmitry Pavlov.
Andrian Sabo
Traveler, researcher of ancient civilizations
Andrian is the author and creator of a series of mini-films called "The world of the ancient gods", where he manages to visit a variety of ancient archaeological sites in the territory of modern Egypt. Currently working on the sequel of LAH "Forbidden Topics of History: Mysteries of Ancient Egypt".
Dmitry Pavlov
Candidate of technical sciences, Director of the research Institute of Hypercomplex systems in geometry and physics, organizer of LAH conferences and seminars in Russia and Egypt
Dmitry is a sponsor and participant of the first LAH films "Mysteries of Ancient Egypt" and "Unknown Mexico". He is the Chairman of the organizing committees of international conferences and seminars "Search for traces of man-made civilizations" and "Pyramids and Time". Author of dozens of papers on Hypercomplex numbers and related Finsler geometries. Co-author of popular science films "Geometry of the universe from different points of view", "Anisotropic world" and "Multidimensional time".
The journey along the Nile will take place on a 4-deck cruise ship 5* Deluxe category.
This is a luxurious modern cruise liner with a spacious lobby and a lounge bar with panoramic windows, offering beautiful views of the Nile and the picturesque scenery.
The lounge offers daily entertainment, including music shows, belly dancing and Galabeya parties. Guests can play billiards or table tennis and use the fitness centre with a variety of fitness equipment. There is also a massage room. Also on board the ship there is a medical center, laundry service and two souvenir shops.
For convenience, 24-hour service and all-inclusive meals are available. Large selection of delicacies for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The bar serves a variety of soft and alcoholic drinks.

On the upper deck of the ship there is an outdoor swimming pool, equipped with sun loungers and parasols, and a jacuzzi. Beach towels are provided free of charge. Next to the pool there is a private bar where you can enjoy refreshing drinks and a variety of snacks.

The spacious and stylish cabins have two single beds or one double bed and a seating area, a private bathroom, air conditioning, hairdryer, telephone, satellite TV, mini fridge and a safe for valuables.
Certified by "German Lloyd Certification GmbH"
A varied buffet with a large selection of delicacies and drinks for breakfast, lunch and dinner
4 days and 3 nights on the route:
Aswan - Kom Ombo - Edfu - Karnak - Luxor
For you - music shows, belly dancing and Galabeya parties, as well as billiards, table tennis and fitness
With panoramic windows, air conditioning and private bathroom
With sun loungers, sun umbrellas and a private bar
The Hidden Past of Egypt
21-31 March 2019
DAY 1 (March 21) / Cairo
Meeting at the airport (individually or in groups, according to preliminary requests), transfer and accommodation at the Cataract Pyramids Resort Hotel
Getting to know the participants, paying for the tour
Dinner and night at the hotel
DAY 2 (March 22) / Cairo
Breakfast at the hotel
A trip to the Cairo Museum
On the way, a story about the Laboratory of Alternative History (LAH), its tasks, goals and methods of research, as well as information about the main exhibits of the Museum related to the theme of LAH. The exposition of the Cairo Museum contains a huge number of artifacts, the origin, purpose and Dating of which, offered by the official history, cause great doubts. Extras: "Bad" sarcophagus "Table" of limestone, in which the disc is made of alabaster, sarcophagus with texts embossed directly on top of the damages, fly-wheel with a lightweight rim, "grinding wheels", "the Sarcophagus of Merenptah" tubular drilling, a series of Sphinxes, the Double statue of amenemhat III in the God of the Nile, the alabaster sarcophagi, the pyramidion of the pyramid of amenemhat III, the Triad of Menkaure, "ducts", "ashtray", "Polluter" and much more
Lunch at the floating restaurant on the Nile
Sightseeing tour of Cairo and a visit to the famous Khan Khalili Bazaar
Dinner at the hotel
Dmitry Pavlov's report about the Ancient Highly Developed Civilization (AHDC), which was located in Egypt long before the first pharaohs
The study and analysis of a huge number of artifacts that testify to a completely different history of Ancient Egypt than is commonly believed today. Introduction to the upcoming trip to the Giza plateau and the objects that can be seen there
Night at the hotel
DAY 3 (March 23) / Cairo - Giza
Breakfast at the hotel
Visit to Giza Plateau
Almost from the very beginning of the scientific study of the pyramids of Giza version of their construction by the Egyptians during the IV dynasty began to be questioned. And to this day, on the site around the pyramids of Giza preserved many facts against the possibility of creating these gigantic structures workers and engineers of the pharaohs.
On the way to the bus you will find a story about how it is easier to navigate to the Giza Plateau and find the appropriate artifacts. Where most of the ancient iron rust and which of the ancient elements could not be performed without machine surface treatment methods. Safety briefing before exclusive visits to the Osiris shaft and the lower chambers of the Great pyramid

Inspection of the Giza Plateau until the closure of the complex (until 16: 00)
Lunch in Cairo with the Great pyramids view
Return to hotel. Shower, rest, pool
Dinner at the hotel
Andrian Sabo's report about the pyramids of Sakkara and Dashur and watching the film "The inner world of the Broken pyramid"
Night at the hotel
Day 4 (March 24) / Sakkara - Dashur
Breakfast at the hotel
Check out
Visit to the pyramids of Sakkara
On the way - the story of how to navigate and what to see in the first place.
Visit the pyramid of Unas, the inspection of the mine Amon Tefnakhte and bypass the pyramid of Djoser. March-throw to the pyramid of Userkaf, to the destroyed pyramid and the remains of the basalt floor

Visit to the Serapeum
Serapeum is famous for its 24 simply huge sarcophagi, each weighing up to 100 tons. The accuracy of the sarcophagi on the "space level", some mirror Shine. Ideal. Made of different types of granite and diorite. Perhaps one of the most impressive places in Egypt
Trip to the pyramids of Dashur
On the way - a story about the inconsistencies in the official version of the purpose of the red pyramid.
Descent into the Red pyramid. Bypass the Broken pyramid. The rise of the pyramid-companion. A story about the visit of the researchers to the inner corridors of the Broken pyramid and the satellite pyramid

Transfer to the railway station and boarding the train to Aswan
Dinner and night on the train

Day 5 (March 25) / Aswan
Breakfast on the train
Arrival in Aswan
Visit the granite quarries and the unfinished obelisk. Inspection of the observed high-tech traces of granite production
Water sailing, round the island of elephantine
Transfer to the port, boarding the cruise ship and accommodation in cabins
Lunch on board
Report "The History of the Ancient Kom Ombo" by Andrian Sabo
Analysis of inconsistencies with the generally recognized version of the history of the monument
Dinner on the ship
View and discuss 1 and 2 episodes of the film "Mysteries of Ancient Egypt"
Night on the ship
DAY 6 (March 26) / Kom Ombo
Breakfast on the ship
Visiting Kom Ombo
Inspection of artifacts of the monument, contrary to its dating from the time of the Ptolemaic
Lunch on board
Dmitry Pavlov's report "Mysteries of ancient Edfu"
Analysis of inconsistencies with the generally recognized version of the history of the monument
Dinner on the ship
View and discuss 3 and 4 episodes of the film "Mysteries of Ancient Egypt"
Night on the ship
Day 7 (March 27) / Edfu
Breakfast on the ship
Visit to Edfu
A horse-drawn carriage ride from the ship to the temple. Inspection of the temple and its surroundings
Lunch on board
Joint report "Karnak" by Dmitry Pavlov and Andrian Sabo
Preparation for the upcoming visit to Karnak temple
Dinner on the ship
View and discuss 5 and 6 episodes of the film "Mysteries of Ancient Egypt"
Night on the ship
Day 8 (March 28) / Karnak - Luxor
Breakfast on the ship
Disembarkation in Luxor
Transfer and accommodation at Iberotel on the banks of the Nile
Visit Karnak temple
Inspection of numerous artifacts left by an ancient highly developed civilization that existed here long before the pharaohs. Inspection of obelisks and their bas-reliefs. Study of cuts left by the AHDC
Lunch (not included in the cruise program)
Visit Luxor temple
Dinner at the hotel
Report and watch a film about Osirion
Discussion of details of megalithic masonry construction
Night at the hotel
Day 9 (March 29) / Abydos - Dendera
Breakfast at the hotel
Check out
The trip to Abydos
Inspection of the explicit heritage AHDC - Osirion. Visit the temple of Seti I
Lunch (not included in the cruise program)
Visit Dendera
Walk through the temples of Dendera. Visit the Crypt with pictures of the Palace AHDC the megalithic roof of the Hathor temple
Transfer to the railway station and boarding the train to Cairo
Dinner and night on the train

DAY 10 (March 30) / Cairo
Breakfast on the train
Arrival in Cairo
Transfer and accommodation at Cataract Pyramids Resort
Walking in Cairo
Lunch in Cairo on the background Of the great pyramids
Free time (swimming in the pool, sunbathing)
Banquet in the hotel restaurant
Night at the hotel
DAY 11 (March 31) / Cairo
Breakfast at the hotel
Check out
Transfer to the airport for your flight to home

The cost of participation in the cruise conference for double occupancy is $1550 and paid upon arrival at the hotel in Cairo.
Price includes $1550:
  • Accompanying representatives of LAH and ATURS throughout the trip
  • Accommodation in double rooms in Cairo and Luxor
  • Accommodation in a double cabin on the ship
  • Train tickets (double compartment)
  • Meals: full Board on the ship, on the ground Breakfast and dinner at the hotel and train, lunch during excursions (except Luxor and Abydos)
  • Transfers according to the program
  • Entrance fees and excursions according to the program
  • Reports and films on the program
  • Port charges and fee
Possible additional costs:
  • Flights to Cairo and back
  • Visa ($25, issued on arrival)
  • Health insurance
  • Drinks during lunch and dinner
  • Tickets to visit the pyramid of Cheops ($20), the pyramid of Chephren ($6) and Serapeum ($9)
  • Special permission to visit the mine of Osiris and the lower chambers of the Great pyramid ($100 per object)
  • Personal expenses
  • Supplement for single accommodation ($250)
Procedure and method of payment
  • Fill in the application form for participation in the journey
  • Book a place in the group by transferring an advance of $ 200 or the equivalent in rubles at the exchange rate of the Central Bank of Russia
  • After confirming your participation in the journey, you purchase air tickets and take out health insurance
  • The remaining amount will be charged in cash in USD on the first day of the trip
What to bring
  • Shoes without holes, beach shoes, headdress from the sun, sunglasses, swimming trunks, swimsuit, jacket-windbreaker
  • Passport, money (cash and card), health insurance
  • Phone, camera, flashlight
  • Medicines, sunscreen, burn cream, personal care products

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We are a team of like-minded people, we believe that travel should be exciting, active and different, and the story - true. Since 2004, our group has been engaged in research and educational activities related to the study of the heritage of ancient civilizations. During this time, many expeditions, conferences and seminars were organized in Egypt, Mexico, China, Peru, Bolivia and other countries of the world, where in a large number you can find artifacts and other evidence that was previously present on our planet technogenic civilization. Dozens of films and video reports have been shot, many of which are freely available on the project's own popular Youtube channel, which already has more than 150,000 subscribers. The materials created by the team members were viewed by more than 20 million people around the globe.
We are the Laboratory of Alternative History.
We travel around the world
since 2004

You are in the hands of experienced travelers and explorers
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Know the real history of our world
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